This is our 1929 Estey Organ

Front View

This Opus 2828 pipe organ, installed in 1929 at a cost of $3250, was a gift from brothers David and Mark Sheldon. This is the church’s (1786) first pipe organ.

In excellent original condition, it has tubular pneumatic action and 8 ranks of pipes on 2 manuals and pedal. Unusual are 5 mechanical thumb pistons which can be programmed, albeit not easily.

Organ Details:
GREAT (61 pipes each stop)
8′ Open Diapason
4′ Principal Great to Great 16
4 Swell to Great 16,8,4 Great Unison Off SWELL (73 pipes each stop except as noted)
8′ Stopped Diapason
4′ Salicional
2′ Harmonic Flute
8′ Krummhorn (tenor C 61 pipes)
Swell to Swell 16,4 Swell Unison Off PEDAL (32 pipes)
16′ Lieblecht Gedeckt
8’Great to Pedal
8’Swell to Pedal
4’Swell to Pedal

Balanced swell shoe
Crescendo shoe
Great to pedal reversible toe stud
Sfzorando toe stud
3 Swell thumb Pistons
2 Great thumb Pistons

The Estey organ was manufactured in Brattleboro, Vermont about 60 miles southwest of the church is. Estey Organ Co. (1846-1961) manufactured 520,000 Reed or pump organs in that time. In 1901, they opened the pipe organ department and manufactured 3200 pipe organs. The Estey firm held many patents and innovations which are still used in organ building today. Among the more famous ones were Reed voices using flue pipes allowing organs to be used in country churches where maintenance was infrequent. The reedless reeds were able to hold their tune where a Reed pipe needs constant attention. Haskell basses, so named after William Haskell who was in charge of the organ department, are bass pipes within a pipe which allows a more compact design. A big sounding organ can now be placed in a small space thanks to these pipes.


Estey also employed women in the factory as tuners at a time when women did not work out of the home. Employing some 500 people in ‘fireproof’ slate clad buildings (still standing) the Estey company was the pride of Vermont. Find a more comprehensive history of the company here.

Estey Namplate:


Keyboard 2