Meetinghouse Restoration


Now that we have a firm foundation, we have taken a hard look at renovating the meetinghouse and preparing it to serve the community for the next couple of centuries. Throughout the summer and early fall Rev. Steve Berry and Val Almosnino met with various people and agencies to discuss making much needed repairs to the structure itself and the utilities within the building. Some areas that need to be addressed are: making the building completely ADA accessible; replacing the oil furnace with a more efficient and cost effective heating system; updating the plumbing; refurbishing the kitchen; repairing the bell tower; repairing the roof; and restoring the carriage house, affectionately called the “Club House”.

In the early Fall two important events happened. Thanks to the Southwest Association, an Association Work Day was organized. Enthusiastic members from churches in the Association helped to clean out several areas of the “club house” and plant bulbs around the meetinghouse. After which a hearty lunch and fellowship was enjoyed by everyone. Also, Rev. Steve Berry submitted a application to the Vermont Historic Preservation Grant Program; if awarded, the funds will be used to restore the “Club House” foundation, rear wall, and roof. We hope to apply for future grants from the Preservation Trust and the USDA to help continue making repairs to the meetinghouse. If you would like to make a contribution to the restoration, donations can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the home page, please note on the memo line of your check what the donation is for. Any donation is deductible to the extent allowed by law.

What’s happening at the Meetinghouse?

Lots! We’ve repaired some of the drainage issues that were beginning to impact the foundation. Remediating water flow, waterproofing and insulating the foundation should help keep the building standing for at least another 200 years! The entire project, inside and out, was masterfully coördinated by Ashley Waite. Some of the recent activity – more to follow!

     In early January we learned that our grant application to the Vermont Historic Preservation Grant Program was not funded. We will review the application and make some necessary changes and resubmit the grant for 2020.
     In the mean time, we are planning on having some roof work done on the Meeting House as well as making repairs to the bell tower. Both items are necessary to keeping the integrity of the structure intact.

Shoring up our foundation:

setting up
Getting set up
Our crew: George, John, Tyler
Firm Foundation
Improving a firm foundation
insulation installation
Insulation installation
It grows on you
It grows on you!
take 5
Take 5!
insulaton curing
Curing in the sun
more weatherproofing and insulating
Making Progress